About Us

Zoomnet is UPE’s largest WIRELESS Player and pioneer in providing the complete IT and Networking Solution with technical support for Internet Bandwidth and Wi-Fi solution to its client at their comfort. Zoomnet goal is to provide highest quality internet services at the lowest prices which fit customer needs and budgets.


Zoomnet would also be building a comprehensive services framework that can deliver leading edge voice, video, IT applications and multimedia content services over any broadband or IP-centric network. Such a framework can be outsourced by outsourced by service providers globally, who desire to offer next generation services to their customers.


Our vision is to be a leading Broadband and IT services company, offering innovative products and solutions to home, enterprise and other customers in India. We believe that our next generation services will change the way India lives, transacts, communicates and we believe that we can make a significant contribution towards a powerful Internet enabled India.


We imbibe in high standard of social and civic responsibility, as we firmly believe that we should contribute to the society in which we operate. We aim at providing the community our technologies and solutions to support them in their growth and development. Zoomnet is deeply committed to the cause of reducing the digital divide that exists in the country across geographies and different socio-economic segments. In this regard, Zoomnet plans to extend Broadband and IT services at marginal costs to schools, healthcare institutes and government or non-government establishments engaged in providing service to masses that do not have access to such services.


We will create and maintain a transparent and respectful work environment that helps in attracting, retaining and nurturing the best talent. We encourage an open work culture that is conducive to making work joyful.


We work for the success of our customers, investors, employers and our ecosystem partners. We believe in empowering, motivating, appreciating and inculcating a sense of ownership among the members of Zoomnet eco-system.


–Company’s Corporate Address–


GF-11-13, Ring Road Plaza, Ring Road

Kalyanpur, Lucknow-Uttar Pradesh