Terms & Conditions

  1. The service shall be used only for internet purpose and not for resale.
  2. The circuit will be extended on a point to point basis and network shall be connected.
  3. Zoomnet  shall update the internet service without prior intimation to the subscriber.
  4. The network is interconnected by high speed links and Zoomnet will try to maintain the link as much as possible. But it would own no responsibility in case of interruptions in the network beyond its reasonable control.
  5. The subscriber is not allowed to use the service for termination of voice traffic.
  6. The services liable to be withdraw at Zoomnet option if there is any payment of subscription.
  7. Subscription is not refundable under any circumstance.
  8. All the bills generated on 1st of every month and subscribers have to pay before 5th of every month.
  9. Zoomnet reserves the right to withdraw or change any discount offered to the customer and change the rates at which The service is offered without any notice or intimation.
  10. The customer is expressly agrees not to use or let anybody else on his web server or web space use the server for the transmission of objectionable or obscene messages which are inconsistent with the establishment law of the country as specified in the Indian Telegraph Act 1885. The customer further agrees that he is aware and accepts that the Indian telegraph act 1885 applies to the zoomnet broadband service.
  11. Devices which will install at subscriber end with the security money is under one year warranty after that any thing happens subscriber have to purchase new device.
  12. The jurisdiction for this agreement is Lucknow, Uttar Pradest, India.